Your BMI is in the obese range

Obesity is a disease where in the abnormal accumulation of fat has severe negative effects on a person's health and lifestyle. An obese individual is characterized as someone whose weight and BMI is way above the average healthy standard based on the said person's height and bone structure.

The obese range is further classified into three subcategories by the World Health Organization:

Obese class I (obese)
BMI is in the range of 30.00-34.99

Obese class II (severely obese)
BMI is in the range of 35.00-39.99

Obese class III (morbidly obese)
BMI Is at least 40

Obesity has serious health implications. The disease is one of the top risk factors for cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, osteoarthritis, and even some cancers. It is therefore very important that the individual consult with a doctor immediately on the best possible way to lose weight. Even the smallest change in one's diet or physical activity can greatly reduce the health risks almost immediately.

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